Board Game Designers Guild of Utah

BGDG Guild Documents

Below are links to our Guild's Documents and are updated bi-annually (if needed).

Click on each heading to link to the PDF Document.


BGDG Meeting Welcome Letter

The Meeting Welcome Letter is what we send to new members after they have attended their 1st Meeting.

BGDG New Member Packet

The New Member Packet is sent to new members after they have attended their 3rd Meeting.

BGDG Officers

The BGDG Officers are elected by a Majority Vote at the Business Meetings we have on the 4th Tuesday of January and July.

BGDG Charter

The BGDG Charter is the bylaws of our guild and detail what it means to be a member of the guild.

BGDG Playtester's Feedback Guide

This is the guide we have adopted for helping us give constructive feedback to the Game Designer of the game we Play Test.

BGDG Game Approval FAQ

Guild members who wish to place a BGDG Approved Logo on their game must submit their game to an Approval Panel.