Board Game Designers Guild of Utah

Game Submission Options

Board game publishers that may be options if you have a prototype and are interested in pitching it to a publisher. 
Note: The sources for the links below are not officially endorsed by the BGDG. These links are simply provided as a convenience only. The respective publishers reserve the right to change their policies independent of the information listed here for them.

Alderac Entertainment Group
AEG takes game submissions. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will send you a submission form to fill out and get back to them.

Eagle Games and Gryphon Games
Eagle Games and Gryphon Games started out as FRED Distribution. Use the contact form and select Game Designers' Submissions as the recipient.

Gamewright Games
Gamewright Games focuses heavily on marketing their games to younger children. Examples of their games include Mummy Rummy, Loot, Frog Juice, and Ugly Doll.

Lock 'n Load Games
Primarily a wargame company that is looking to branch out into new types of games.

Mayday Games
Utah game publisher that has published several games designed by BGDG members, including Eaten by Zombies!, King's Vineyard, Lemonade Stand, and White Elephant.

Board game publisher that takes open submissions. They print their games on flexible board surfaces (i.e. similar to that of a mouse pad). Click on "submissions" after going to their front page.

Rio Grande Games
This link is listed here because Jay Tummelson (the owner of Rio Grande Games) is occasionally willing to look at prototypes in person if he is at a convention, you approach him about it, and he happens to have enough time for you to sit down and show him your game design. He does not take game submissions through his website or via email.

Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games focuses mainly on humor-based board and card games. Their flagship game is the Munchkin series. At present, they are only taking roleplaying games submissions.

University Games
University Games publishes mainly party style games such as Smart Ass, Chicks Battle the Dudes, and The Worst-Case Scenario Game. They also own Bepuzzled which produces lots of murder mystery party games.

Z-Man Games
Z-Man Games produces a wide variety of games, from card games based on old B-movie-style plots to heavy "gamer's games" like Agricola.